Dog Sitting VS. Dog Boarding

More often than not, many pet owners are faced with the daunting task of choosing the best method of taking care of their pets while they are traveling or going on a vacation.Most of us make elaborate plans for ourselves and our loved ones but forget to do the same for our pets who also form a big part of our families since they are our companions.

Since you cannot take your precious pet with you when you are traveling, it is of utmost prudence that you make elaborate plans for them to ensure that they are well fed and taken care of while you are away.

While deciding on which option to choose, it is better that you choose one that will also be of great convenience to your pet.Furthermore, you need to consider some factors such as your pet’s age, behavior, type and medical needs before you decide to either look for a dog sitter or to take them to a boarding kennel.

This method involves searching deeply and hiring a qualified dog sitter who will take care of your dog from the comfort of your home when you are away.Indeed, this is arguably the best method of taking care of your pet in your absence since he/she is able to continue with his/her normal life in a familiar environment.However, this will mean tat you entrust someone, who is probably a total stranger to you with your home.The pet sitter you choose will have access to your home any time of the day.The following are some of the pros of dog sitting:

  • Dog sitting allows your dog to have maximum comfort since the services that are going to be offered to him/her are going to be offered at the comfort of his home, in an environment which he’s well acquainted with.
  • Pet sitting at home has been proven by experts to be less tedious and stressful to your dog.

Long Walks

How many of you understand the importance of giving long walks to your dogs?This provides them with a good form of exercise as well as gives them mental stimulation.
Quality and Undivided attention to your dog.Did you know that dogs love personalized attention devoid of distractions? Professional dog sitters offer your dog cuddles, backyard playtime and walks which make your dog feel important.
Provision of Tailored Services.Professional dog sitters offer tailored services to your dog, catering to your dog’s specific needs from the onset of the sitting up to the time the sitter will go away.
Less Risk of Infection.When your dog is taken care of from the comfort of your home, there are fewer risks of him getting infections such as a Kennel Cough.

Dog Boarding

This basically involves taking your dog to a dog boarding facility/kennel where they shall be cared for until you get back from your journey.This method of taking care of your dog while you are away is not always the best and some of its cons are highlighted below.

  • Your dog will not receive personalized attention since many of them will be kept in one facility at a time.• It might be quite expensive since some boarding facilities may charge extra fees in case your dog is to be offered one on one attention.
  • Limited exercise because your dog will not be walked.They may only be lucky enough to get a few potty breaks from time to time.
  • There may be high risks of infection from diseases such as Kennel Cough.This is because the dogs are many in number and most of them use indoor washrooms.
    The Bottom Line.

Since your dog is considered one of your family members, it is prudent that you choose the best method for them to get quality and personalized attention while you are traveling.This will assure them of your love and care.From the two options discussed above, it is quite clear that dog sitting is the better option due to its numerous benefits.